01 abril 2009

What are you doing?

click ... tac tac tac ... click ... control C control V ... paste ... click ...
Obama: Professor, what's that you're doing?
Manguitus: AaaaHhhh! Mister President, you scared all them evil spirits out of me!!!! ... I am ... hum ... just entering a log into this ... online journal.
Obama: Vistalegre blog. Oh, you are a blogger! Sweat! And what are you blogging about ... it seems ... spanish to me?
Manguitus: Well, it's Portuguese and it's about the ... the ... herbal properties of ... weed. I'll just delete this for now ... 
Obama: Cool. Portuguese?? I thought you had lived in Spain ... anyway, I wanted to ask you something about energy. You have all these nice crystals in your office. ... made in china ... this must be the lead crystal, right? Anyway, I remember you said something about how you use crystals to capture and concentrate energy during your mystical sessions ... I was wondering how many of these crystals do we need to power, let's say, Washington DC? Or the USA? Can we use crystals to solve the energy crisis?
Manguitus: :-? ... I've never thought about that possibility.


Blogger Mother Goose said...

Herbal properties of... weed!

É coisa que não falta por estas bandas!

Lots of weed!

É uma palavra que gosto de dizer. Weed! Já a palavra compota... :-s

6:01 da tarde  

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