20 janeiro 2011

GL32: uma notícia leaked das "Notícias da Raposa"

We want the Rabbit candidate to win, because he's the candidate we see in Portugal that is closer to the Tea Party and because, you know, we're Fox and he's Rabbit.

As for the Merry candidate (note: he's not Gay), or the Noble candidate (note: this is a republic for crying out loud), or the Ca-bull (free translation; note: we're sick and tired with Afghanistan stuff), or the Defense candidate (note: is he a NFL player??) or the Low-feet (another free translation; note: we don't need more lows), none is good enough, so excluding these we arrive at the only possible good candidate, the Rabbit candidate.


Anonymous Bill'o reles said...

A Fox noise ao seu melhor estilo a promover o candidato da festa do cha. O Rabbit Candidate serA que ve o Zapatero a partir da janela de casa?

6:43 da manhã  

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