04 dezembro 2004


Why did the portuguese president Sam Ham fire the portuguese prime minister Saint Ann Floppy?
This is a question that has puzzled many of the HappyView Bloggers. Journalists, opinion-makers and political analysts have suggested many possible causes but no one is 100% sure of the real reason(s). In an effort to answer this question, the reporters of the HappyView Blog have interviewed the head of staff of Belém Place (Miss So Many Intrigues) and uncovered some incredible information. Apparently, the decision of the P. came during a game of chess played during the last meeting between P. Sam Ham and PM. Floppy. During the chess game the conversation concerned the resignation of minister Henry Keys. The game of chess and the discussion between P. and PM. ended with P. inquiring PM. if Henry Keys paid for the GoodStay DVD:
- PM.: Dear P., its your move.
- P.: Dear PM. Floppy, did Henry Keys pay for the GoodStay DVD using check?
- PM.: Well, I don´t know, we hardly ever spoke to each other and ......
- P.: Dear PM., maybe you should check this.
- PM.: Check what?
- P.: Dear PM., the check!
- PM.: What check?
- P.: Dear PM., check the check!
- PM.: ????????
- P.: Check the check!
- PM.: What check?
- P.: The check, the check mate!!!! ("o cheque, o cheque pá!!!!")
- PM.: ??!!??!?!?!?!
- P.: The check mate!!!!
- PM.: Check-mate???? Where?!
- P.: Bishop d5 , check-mate!!!!!, king falls and your out!!!
- PM.: OUT!!!! Why? P., I'm just a baby, please give me another opportunity.
- P.: Check-mate and you, my Dear PM. are out. You've had too many opportunities.
- PM.: ..........