27 maio 2007

A job for the boy

Dear Tony, au are yu. I´me raiting yu because of a niews I red about Berlusconi and yu. Please donte aceptate that job ofa, because my frend Marianno Stutterer is closing the International University in Lisbon and Fig Tree of the Estuary and I´ma freid the next one to be closed is the pole at Florence. If you need mony, talk to me becose I may have a study for an erport that I may nid to contract vary sun and yu saund to me laik a gud espert, becose in Britan you heve a lot of bisy erports.

I hope you can anda-stand my english gode. It mast bee fain, at least I gat 16 in my English Technical chair at the university.


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Anonymous gRingo eStar a meter o prego said...

Aposto que o Blair ira ensinar ingles e o primeiro aluno a inscrever-se no curso sera o Burlasconi

2:53 da manhã  

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