10 maio 2007

A real illusion

Glancing eyes.
Joyful “Hello”.
Shared melodies.

An unexpected kiss.
Gently whispered words.
Affectionate skin.

Seconds are minutes,
Minutes are hours,
Hours are days.

Waiting for the next moment.
The next rush,

All so refreshing!
Satisfying! And truly alive!!!
But illusive as warm snow …

Like a magician’s illusion,
One moment it was all there,
In a split second it’s all gone.

Were those beautiful eyes ever truthful?
Was that sweet smile truly genuine?
Was that shy blush really warm?

The oblivious ego,
Self-centered in spirit,
Nurtures the illusion.

The underlying self,
Homicidal by nature,
Kills the illusion.

In the pursuit of happiness,
Live the moment and seize the day.
Carpe diem.

Everything else is an illusion.
There is no place for expectation,
There is no tomorrow.