27 maio 2007

Strange Addictions

… to diction

Rewriting … the enunciation, the wording, the phraseology
Reviewing … the articulation, the style, the content

An addiction … to diction
A contradiction … this contra diction

Impulsive-compulsive disorder .?.
A “practice makes perfect” thing .?.

Whatever …
Who knows …

Like solving a giant jig-saw puzzle
With an impressionist motif

Where do these fit?
Am I missing pieces?!?!?

In creation, still waiting for the seventh day
Here is Adam … but still no signs of Eve

A Statement
To me, myself and I

But also … an addiction!
A draining vortex … spinning out of control …

… to thoughts

They linger within the awake unconscious,
Playing over and over,
Like an eyes wide shut REM dream.

Thoughts … with basic survival instincts.
Thoughts … with a life of their own.
They refuse deletion,
Spreading the trance,
Like an almighty virus.

Brain waves of belief.
Brain waves of inspiration.
They take over reason,
Clouding good judgment,
Like a cursed deja-vu.

Distracting and merciless.
Haunting and disabling.
They are a recurring amnesia,
Preventing one to remember,
That one wants to forget.

IF (snap out) THEN (reality check).
IF (uninvited or loathe thoughts) THEN (Stop! Delete! Re-boot!).
“… can’t terminate unknown program ... system not responding ...”
“instead … slowly focus your attention on the swinging clock”
“listen to it’s ticking and let yourself go ...”

It’s hypnotic ... recalling past lives.
It’s mesmerizing … condemning mind and soul.
They block out all words of wisdom,
Silencing all voices of reason,
Like a vacuum of some sort.

Another … addiction …
A draining vortex … spinning out of control …


Blogger FlorGrela Estampa said...

Estas "líricas" ficavam bem num album dos Phantom Vision, não acham?

12:33 da tarde  
Anonymous Alberto Terego said...

Nem mais.

PS- bravo.

10:03 da tarde  
Anonymous lc said...

:-) E uma ideia interessante.

2:33 da manhã  

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