14 setembro 2007

Mirror mirror on the wall ...

… who has the greatest Ego of them all?
Nancy Grace. Hi.

I was surprised by your use of the word Ego, yesterday. Tell me, with all the unsolved cases in the US, don’t you think it is time to call Scotland Yard for help?

Take the famous JonBenet Ramsey case that US police authorities have never solved. And just consider what happened last fall when some prosecutor did that huge screw-up with that Mark Karr guy? Don’t you think it is time to call Scotland Yard for help?

You'll find the contact here.

In the McCann case, it seems to me that you haven’t been doing your home work. Portuguese authorities have used the expertise of British police at several stages of the investigation.

The only Ego problem I see is your own Ego. The general premise of your show is always that no one knows better than you, after all, you know it all, and if people don’t proceed like you would then they are idiots. It’s not because you don’t know the whole story, it’s just they are idiots. Right?

Yours truly,


Anonymous Juan Hónimo said...

Mas quem é esta Nancy? É isto uma Graça??

3:41 da tarde  
Anonymous lc said...

eu diria que E mais uma desgraCa. E a carta que enviei a esta ignorante de voz irritante.

3:51 da tarde  

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