07 março 2008

the Tenacity of Hope

The magnetic mystery
Binding body and soul
The pillow
Softening my falls
From them day-dreaming clouds
The spring
Rebounding my steps
After the crushing reality checks
The compression
Preventing multiple fractures
Within this this-side-up box
The clamp
Keeping me together
When everything else falls apart
The blaze
Tempering my actions
Oh so shock resistant glass!!
The patience to wait
The impetus to risk it
And live!!
Brittle, yet Unbreakable
As the magnetic hum
Resonates within me
Hunger fed at the core
By currents of desire
Oh so easily quenched
By instant gratification
Materialistic, effortless and obese
That renders my lost soul a useless compass
Zombie, goalless zombie
No excuse to live for
No reason to die for
Pounding heart becomes audible
Empty eyes fade white
Breath and body stiffens
All but glamorous Gothic
No tears … no sadness … Just empty …
And everything becomes possible and meaningless.
… this poem is vaguely inspired by Barack Obama's “The Audacity of Hope”, that I have not read … and have no intention of reading.