12 março 2008

Hi! King!

Miss Issippi: Look, there they come! I'm sure that's a New Jersey she’s wearing!
Louis & Ana: Yay!! We made it! That is a tough trail! Where is Virginia??
Indiana Jones: Haven’t seen her … (TRImm TRImm TRImm) … let me answer that … Oh! Hi, O!
Virginia: Hey, it’s me. I’m using O’s cell! We’re ... lost and need directions. We’re on Maine Street, just past the Kentucky Fried Chicken and I see a water tower on the horizon.
Indiana Jones: Yeah, you're kind of off-the-trail but not too far from the Rendez-vous point.You are going West, Virginia. That is good. Just go another 3 miles and you’ll see us. Over and out! … Let me call the rest of the gang … bip tick tack bip bip bip trim … (todd todd … todd todd …) … Hey Miss Ouri!
Miss Ouri: Hey! I know, we’re behind schedule … but almost there … we're still looking at the map, compass and trail ... what do you say? South, Carolina? or North, Carolina? … anyway, we're at the Elementary School so I guess I'll see ya soon!
Indiana Jones: Great! They are almost here. Let’s fill the tank before we head back home. How much is the fuel here?
Miss Issippi: Al, Ask her, the cashier, how much they charge for regular here. And get me one of them Mini Soda things, will ya!
Indiana Jones: I’ll ask her. I owe her some money for this beef jerky …
Miss Issippi: Sit still you brat … Why, Oming? Why don’t you sit still?? … That’s better, good dog!


Blogger AD said...

Este comentário foi removido pelo autor.

11:04 da manhã  
Blogger AD said...

Ellie? Noise? NO!

Aida, Ho!, come here!! (oops, ho is bad)...

How many volts?
10, AC.

(Agora é só inserir e tornar isto tudo parte dum todo coerente... 3 more states, a few to go...) :-)

11:09 da manhã  

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