21 julho 2008

gRingo, a rising eStar!

The gRingo eStar artist portfolio
1 - Thanksgiving, 2005: After losing a game of spoons, ge reveals his artistic talent by dancing as a gracious ballerina.

2 - Summer, 2006: ge debuts on local enTullahoma channel 6 television.

3 - April, 2008: ge starrs as a jealous boyfriend in a Cirque du Soleil silent movie production.

4 - May, 2008: ge has his debut on RTP-Acores.

5 - June, 2008: ge premieres as a hip-notic "ring girl" and chorus voice in the play Quantum du Solarz (not to be confused with the new James Bond movie).

6 - July, 2008: following in the footsteps of other pop culture artists, ge starts his own brand of clothing. Attached below is the award-winning T-shirt logo, co-designed by ge for a local 10-AC Tech Camp.

7 - July, 2008: ge is captured on film in the movie Thicker than Thiefs (Chattanooga, 10-AC), acting as a street side walker that witnesses a high-speed motorbike chase.
Meiguito, keeping you posted on the remarkable gRingo eStar career


Blogger FlorGrela Estampa said...

Uma carreira artística de fazer inveja. (`.´)

E a Techshirt é gira.

boa, gRingo

11:31 da manhã  
Anonymous gringo estar said...


3:01 da tarde  
Blogger Mother Goose said...

Quando fores famoso, quer dizer, ainda mais fomoso... posso ser a tua manager!
Trato da papelada!

P.S. Tudo menos papelada! Eu trato das fãs! Essas loucas! Doidas! Histéricas!

6:00 da tarde  

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