31 outubro 2008

I Endorse Barack Obama

After nearly two long years of intense scrutiny, debate, and gossip, I believe the best candidate for the presidency of the White House is Barack Obama. In this last week, I was particularly struck by his candor and serenity; after all that others have come up with in the last 4 months to smear Barack Obama, it is trully amazing to see him laid back at interviews and at public gatherings, speaking calmly about the future of this country and of the world, and laying out his plan. And after several months, he has come back to his initial message of unity, bipartisanship and "yes, we can!": again, very inspirational! After all I have seen, I believe Obama, if elected, will be a great president.
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Anonymous Maledeto said...

I do not endorse Barack Obama.

10:44 da tarde  

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