07 novembro 2008

Republican Ticket: Palin 2012? I don´t think so

Instead, keep an eye on one of these two guys (or even both of them). If they change the Constitution, of course, so that the Governator can run* (in the case of Bobby Jindal, no problem, he was born in Louisiana).
Dr Matt Cunha

*According to the 2005 Year-in-Review issue of Time magazine, supporters of Schwarzenegger are hoping to amend the Constitution so that he can run for President of the United States.

PS, em 9 Nov: nem de propósito, este tema fazia hoje a capa do Yahoo!... O artigo acaba assim:
Presumptuous, perhaps. But in 2004, who'd have thought that a first-term African American senator with a last name that rhymed with the country's enemy number one and a middle name that matched enemy number two's would be our next president?
Stay tuned.


Blogger Mother Goose said...

They should change the way you pronounce California!



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