04 fevereiro 2009

The Obama Plan

Obama: Prof. Shakana Manguitus, as a Grand Son of Africa, I nominate you as secretary of Voodoo and Witch Crafts. Did you pay all your back taxes?
CM: Do I have to undergo Senate comfirmation?
Obama: No.
CM: Then we are fine.
Obama: ... oh ... well, lets get to business. Prof., I dream of an US with the best standards of living in the world. I want my people to have the very best! Tell me Prof., what shall I do to make US get there? What example should I follow?
CM: Well, let me see in my crystal ball ... ah, yes, that example would be Iceland! They have the world's best standard of living!
Obama: How did they do that?
CM: ... well, they basically bankrupted the country!
Obama: Ah, that's easy. Let me se ... ... ... I know, I'll create a $1+ trillion stimulus package and we'll be better off than Iceland!
CM: ... you'll be walking on thin ice.


Blogger Mother Goose said...

Este "example" merece um brinde... SAFARI (Africa) COLA (USA)... com muito ICE !

10:47 da tarde  
Anonymous lc said...

A bebida favorita do Obama! :-)

10:57 da tarde  
Anonymous Fiambrelete said...

Parabéns pela nomeação!!!

11:17 da manhã  
Anonymous Prof. CM said...

Obrigadus. Agora sou o vidente mais poderoso do mundo. eheheheheh

3:44 da tarde  
Blogger AD said...

Se o Joe the Plumber já é Political Advisor, porque é que o Prof. Çakana Manguito não o poderia ser? É eVidente.

6:37 da tarde  
Blogger AD said...


Faltou o link da história do Joe the Plumber.

6:38 da tarde  

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