25 fevereiro 2009

Put the blame on ...communism? Really?? I mean, REALLY?

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Manguitus: Mister President! How may I help you?
Obama: Ah! I knew you knew it was me! Psychic! Professor, please come over to the Oval and bring your crystal eyeball with you.
Manguitus: Certainly. 
Manguitus: Mr. President, how may I assist you?
Obama: Well, I'm kind of perplexed by some hush-hush that has been floating around. It started during the campaign, when I was called a socialist. Later, some people started saying that FDRoosevelt did nothing to end the Great Depression, while others actually stated that FDR actually caused the Great Depression (!!!!!!!!!). And now, its all this noise that the USA has, over the years, become a communist country (!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!). I see a pattern here, but I can't get my finger on it ... what is the purpose of all this non-sense?
Manguitus: Esteemed President, this one is easy. No need for the crystal eyeball. This is another propaganda stunt by certain elites that want to blame the current economic crisis, not on capitalism, but on socialism and communism. These elites believe that if THE PEOPLE think its capitalism's fault, they might embrace real social change. However, if THE PEOPLE are made to believe this crisis is yet another failure of socialism and communism, then people will demand a completely capitalist society. 
Obama: How cunning! Why didn't I think of that?
Sticky note: Yes, some Americans strongly believe that the USA is, today, a communist country. Professor Manguitus didn't make this up.