25 março 2009

Advanced interrogation techniques

Obama: I've made America less safe?? (;-) Obama makes one of his what-an-irony-!!! smiles) Even if I wanted to pursue the Bush & Cheney approach on counter-terrorism and detention and interrogation of terror suspects, I couldn't because it was all sooooo secret!!! Some of the techniques they approved are known but for the most part ... who knows what they approved!
Manguitus: Good point, Mr. President! But how will you break terror suspects and make them release valuable information without compromising national security interests?
Obama: That's where you come in! I want you to use your mystical skills to read their minds. You know, telepathy and hypnosis. Can you do that?
Manguitus: !!!! :-) YES! YES!! ... ... umm ... ... do I really want to do that??


Blogger AD said...

Há poderes que é melhor não os ter...

11:39 da tarde  

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