05 março 2009

Financial news & advice by CNBC

A year of financial news & advice by CNBC, as seen by Jon Stewart.
What amazes me is not that CNBC got it wrong, but how short a memory I have. If it were not for the history revision done by Jon Stewart and friends, I wouldn't have a clue that things are in fact soooooo bad! I mean, the media and such. The tsunami of "information" and opinion CNBC (and other "news" agencies) puts out everyday completely flushes my memory clear. Not much of a memory. Its more like a buffer. No time to think and process because the data doesn't reside in memory long enough. Each day, a new stream of "information" coming in ... and then going out. All that done sooooo easily via my hypnotic TV set. I need to give myself time to think.


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