01 março 2009

The first of every month ... OUSTing bad spirits

Obama: Prof. Manguitus, are you sure this is necessary? 
Manguitus: Yes, absolutely. 
Obama: But ... this might come off as awkward! It might get me into trouble with Michelle and ... you know, the media and stuff. We can't just burn weed inside the Oval! 
Manguitus: Mister President, this isn't that kind of weed!
Obama: Oh ... I knew that. But still ...
Manguitus: Mister President, this is your office. I am your Secretary of Witchcraft. This is deep sea algae mixed with cilantro and paprika. I am doing this to oust all evil spirits, envy-eyes and the like from your workplace. This has to be done once a month!
Obama: Once a month!?! 
Manguitus: But do not worry! This only takes 3 minutes. Once I'm done, I'll freshen up the Oval with oust. No one will ever know.