07 março 2009

Progressive? Revolutionary? or more of the same?

Obama: Hello Professor Manguitus! Nice to see you. How are you and Meiguito doing?
Manguitus: Hello Mister President! We're doin' fine, thank you Sir. And how are you and the first family doin'? 
Obama: Fine. Lets skip the pleasantries and get right down to business. My poll numbers are going threw the roof but my grays are becoming evermore noticeable. This coloration change gives a whole new meaning to "White House": the official presidential hairdresser ... where US presidents join the club and die their hair white. And the irony of all this is this was reported on Salon.com. I look old!
Manguitus: Well, Mister President, it happens to all Presidents. Look at it as part of the initiation ceremony, as a sign of becoming a member of the fraternity. 
Obama: Well, I want to be different. You know ... change people can believe in. I don't want to be and look like my predecessors! I want to be Obama!
Manguitus: If you don't mind me saying so ... may I be frank? ... (Obama nods a yes) ... ... presidential white hair is a curse ... a curse that affects presidents that are not bold enough ... if your remember, whites started to populate your head during the primaries when you gained advantage over now-SoS Clinton, precisely when you started to set your more progressive ideas aside and began to embrace the more conservative ideals. The white hair sends a message to the establishment: "He, gray Obama, is one of us. Yay!!! Business as usual!! Yupi!!!!" ... Take your recent speech on IRAQ: not only did you try to re-write the history of the war (when you said: "We sent our troops to Iraq to do away with Saddam Hussein's regime ..." instead of acknowledging that troops were sent to Iraq on the lie of weapons of mass destruction. You have co-signed the Bush administration lie.) ... you actually sounded like President Bush. Or take your stand againssingle-payer national health insurance program ... do you want to continue giving billions to health insurance companies that refuse care to millions of people?? ... I don't think that is change. Nor is it progressive. This is more of the same. Is that Obama?
Obama: No!! No!!! Urghhh!!! But there is so much blockage to change! I have to do things slowly, take baby steps, be progressive but one step at a time! I want to be revolutionary, make real change, but I can't!!
Manguitus: To be bold you have to be bald. Get rid of the old ideas, get a fresh start. Show people you are not one of the establishment
Obama: Bald? As in no hair?
Manguitus: As in no whites.


Blogger AD said...

Já estamos todos carecas de saber que quando eles se apanham no Polleiro, MUDAM logo. That´s what I call... CHANGE.

9:48 da tarde  

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