16 agosto 2009

Diálogo fictício entre 2 personagens VA

Joaquín Gólfez- vay um juego?
Juan Hónimo- en mi pais de origen, no...
Dr Matt Cunha


Blogger FlorGrela Estampa said...

Se o Chavez fosse um verdadeiro comunista fazia com que todo o povo pudesse jogar golfe...

11:40 da tarde  
Anonymous The devils advocate said...

Once upon a time, my client, mister Keyz, hurt his back during a swing ... since then, he has been fighting to prevent others from making the same mistake. And to set the example, he as quit all forms of sport, as his barrel shaped belly testifies. Sports injurs people, and injured people raise health care costs ... whereas passive people, eating popcorn in front of the tv screen, are less likely to become injured and also have more time to listen to his propaganda.

10:47 da tarde  

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