18 setembro 2009

Corrupt Politicians Anonymous - a proposal to save democracy

Corrupt Politicians Anonymous (CPA) would be a worldwide fellowship of men and women in public office, elected or nominated, who share a desire to stop taking contributions from private industry and lobbyists, and subsequently maintain their integrity and defend the real interests of the people they represent and serve. CPA members would completely abstain from such contributions, regularly attend meetings with other members, and follow its program to help each other with their common purpose; to help members "stay honest and help other politicians achieve integrity". The first act in enrolling in CPA would be to publicly acknowledge (during a local support group meeting) that such contributions cause political dependency, corrupt ideals, betrays loyalties and, once corrupted, one becomes a corrupt politician for life and can never ever again accept such contributions without falling back into stupor. And, from that day forward, every morning each CPA member will look into the mirror and say: yes, I am weak, corrupt! but today I will do the right thing and stay clean for another day.
Maybe that would be change I could believe in ...


Anonymous the devils advocate said...

may i make a contribution to cpa? how much for a mug with the cpa logo?

6:00 da manhã  
Anonymous the devils advocate said...

say 20 thousand dollars?

6:00 da manhã  
Anonymous the devils advocate said...

okay, how about a donation?

1:51 da manhã  
Blogger FlorGrela Estampa said...

Uma ideia não tão disparatada assim.
E prevejo que poderiam existir muito mais, por exemplo dedicadas ao civismo, com frases de auto-ajuda do tipo:
- "Eu sei que sou um porco / uma porca e deito beatas no chão, mas já estou há x dias sem deitar beatas no chão";
- "Eu sei que sou um porco / uma porca e não apanho o cocó que o meu cão deixa nos passeios, mas já há x dias que apanho o cocó que o meu cão deixa no passeio".

10:45 da manhã  
Anonymous Meiguito said...


2:52 da tarde  
Anonymous Maledeto said...

Personally, I dont think representative democracy can be saved. Its a completely flawed system to begin with. To delegate ones power to choose and act to an elected representative who serves on ones behalf is to forfeit ones voice and freedom. It simply doesnt work. Its just another form of dictatorship, by which the very worst of society end up rising to power. Actually, I would say that with representative democracy we end up getting a corporate run dictatorship.

7:27 da tarde  

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