06 janeiro 2011


O WeeklyLeaks E uma trampa. Very weak. Entao, que se saiba, eles ainda nao deitaram ca pra fora uma copia pirata da autobiografia do Juliano Ass-anjo. Pois pois ...
gRingo eStar crispado


Anonymous Jan Heitor said...

Ah ah, they don't publish the biography, 'cause it stinks! His real name is not that. He gained that nickname when kids at a school I used to clean painfully realized he did not use properly the toilet paper, and then a young portuguese american kid by the name Matt Cunha coined the portuguese-english name: "ass sujo", which became assange for his fellow australians.

11:52 da tarde  
Anonymous el C said...

Jan Heitor ... :-) eheheheheheheheh hilariante!!!! ate me doi a barriga ....

11:43 da manhã  

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