03 março 2011

I've lost my tv sense of humor

Not Jon Stewart, Steven Colbert, or standup comedy. Nothing. Not even a giggle. Or a smile. I don't even try catching South Park ... if I do watch them, all I do is yawn. I think I've lost my tv sense of humor. This has been going on for several weeks. I do laugh with friends, bless them, but tv ... this is strange and unexpected. And it isn't funny.


Anonymous Alberto Terego said...

Será mais um caso agudo do Peter principle? ;-p

11:06 da tarde  
Anonymous el C said...

Como assim?

2:12 da tarde  
Anonymous Fiambrelete said...

You need to see new stuff, I think you are getting bored of the old stuff.

Let yourself be surprised by new experiences.

2:29 da tarde  
Anonymous Android Bad-Villages said...

Pois é LC, a partir do momento em que sobes na "escada" do humor (por exº ao postares aqui no VA, no Bolague) perdes competência para o dito humor. É uma espécie de "grito de revolta" do teu funny bone contra ti próprio.

3:31 da tarde  
Anonymous el C said...

I need therapy. When I don't laugh, I feel sick and depressed. Yeah, try something new ... thats good advice ... but what?
Maybe I should get an Android. That could be interesting ... maybe it has an app with some good jokes.
Am I a humor junky? I need my fix right now ...

2:45 da tarde  

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